Three key aspects of interior designers that you should be on top of your list


Home is where your treasure is. This expression is true to a great extent. For most people treasure is pretty much synonymous with home. By this definition, the home should essentially be an embodiment of your most treasured asset. Hence how your home appears, what it symbolizes, and how it treats itself should tell everybody a thing or two about your personality. Of course it goes without saying that keeping your home clean alone does not say anything about its character. You have to personally take up the creative responsibility design your space. And this is where Interior designing comes into picture. Interior designing is not just about decorating the interiors of your home.


Developing a proper understanding of interior designing

You may have come across multiple explanations for Interior designing. Let’s first eliminate any confusion about what it is not. Interior designing is not just about designing things, rather it is a science about designing and managing every little aspect of your home. Designers take a holistic approach to shaping or reshaping the space in a home. And do not be mistaken, the art of designing the interiors of residential space is not easy as it sounds. A proper understanding of interior designing is key to using space to the best effects.


Three important aspects of interior designing

Of course, the approach to interior designing is multi-dimensional. Designers always have multiple ways to go about dealing with interior designing. Now for the sake of beginners, let’s start with three essential parts of interior designing.


The aspect of space

Management and distribution of space lies at the heart of interior designing. It serves as foundation upon which everything else gets built. Every seasoned experienced designer will emphasize the importance of studying the concept of space in detail. The spatial dimension comprises of two categories, namely dimensional space and three-dimensional space. While dimensional space concerns width and length, three dimensional space comprises of the living space. Positive space is a term used to refer to space occupied the furnitures and other decor items at a home. Negative space on the other hand denotes the empty space that remains unutilized at a home. An experienced designer will attempt strike a balance between positive space and negative space. If you are looking for interior designers in Kochi, you must hire a company that has perfect understanding of designing principles.


The aspect of Form

Form of designs determines how a particular space will be used. Form are all about making sense of different shapes and how they manipulate space in general. Developing ideas about forms will in turn help you create outline about the use of space. A newly created form is modified to the best effect when you combine elements such as color, shapes, textures and patterns. A well furnished form produces an appearance of harmony while adding a much-needed class to your space. Form comes in two types, namely, Natural form and Geometric form.


The aspect of light

In the world of interior designing, light is just as, if not more important, than the other two aspects. Light is absolutely essential to workings of design, be it artificial or natural. The absence of light means that features such as color combinations and texture will have no external value. The light is solely responsible for setting the tone and mode of every living space. The artificial lighting can be classified into three types, namely, mood lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. If you wish to do the interiors of your home on your own, you must first make yourself more resourceful by learning about interiors at length. If, as most amateurs, you are unsure about pulling it off on your own, you must never hesitate to seek professional guidance to realize your goal.

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